CoC Cheats: Poison Spells DO Stack

What’s up guys? Welcome to the next quick cheats where we are covering the use of multiple poison spells. The poison spells have been altered quite significantly since release so it’s natural that there’s some confusion. On initial release two poisons could be used on top of each other in order to provide double damage. This was removed from the game and the spell was changed in order to deal scaling damage similar to the infernal tower, where damage is dealt and increased over time. Although you can no longer stack poison spells in order to deal double damage you can stack them in order to improve the scaling damage.

Let’s take a look at a few examples. In this case one poison spell is used on the set of miners with single barbarians slowly dropped in order to keep them inside the spell. It takes just over 10 seconds in order to take out all of the defending miners but let’s directly compare that to 2 poison spells. It took three seconds less with two poison spells. so it did not feel double damage but it did achieve the highest scaling damage much faster to take out them troops quicker overall.

With three poisons spells it took just six seconds so we still improved the scaling damage but similar to the earthquake spell the more you stack on top of each other the less benefit you achieve per spell. So when would you want to use 2 poison spells. Well you can see from this example that you do not want to use it when you have high hp troops in the enemy clan castle.

The scaling damage might be achieved quicker and initially create more damage but you’re still going to have the same end result. However when the poison spell is strong enough to kill the enemy clan castle troops and you can achieve that end result quicker,that’s when you could benefit from multiple poison spells. I would only ever recommend two because that’s when you get the greatest benefit and you would have to eat into your regular spells if you wanted to use more than that.

But if you’re ever attacking full on and not luring the clan castle it’s always a technique you could consider. This could be to protect your giants and bowlers in a HGHB attack or to take down minions or air troops quicker in order to help protect your Valkyries. It’s always a technique to consider and I hope that clarified things for you with the poison spell,stay tuned and subscribe for more cheats. See you next time peace out guys. Stay tuned for more Clash of Clans cheats

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