Clash of Clans Hack: Hogs Town Hall 8 Attack Guide

Hey guys today I’m bringing you the town hall 8 Hog Rider tutorial that can be used to three star maxed town hall 8’s and poorly setup or rushed town hall 9’s and 10’s. Let’s just go ahead and call them town hall 8’s too. This is the third attack. I am going to go into great detail with for you town hall 8’s. These attacks are the ones you need to be very experienced with before you even thinking about pushing that upgrade button for town hall 9. I have gone over the town hall 8 dragon attack, which is the most deadly town hall 8 attack because you can start doing it very early on at town hall 8, allowing these baby town hall 8s to wipe out maxed town hall 8s.

I have gone over the Go Wipe, which allows you to two star town halls that are higher than your current town hall level and take on some of those really spaced out town hall 8 bases. And now I am presenting the third key and likely the most essential attack because becoming a master of this attack can ultimately claim clan war victory for your entire clan. That’s right guys. It’s time to kill it with Hog riders.

As you move on to town hall 9, you don’t want to be go-wiping 2 star after 2 star. You will have the experience from your multiple basic town hall 8 attacks to be able to combine them into powerful hybrid and mixed attacks. You want to be consistently 3 star ring at town hall 9. Some may say don’t bother with this basic attack or that attack and tell you jump right into those hybrids, but I believe that you need to master these basic attacks so you have your own intuition and skills to be able to look at a base and know exactly what recipe you need to bring it down. This is what town hall 8 is for. This is why town all 8 is going to be the most important town hall you master.

Don’t rush through it. This is where you are going to build your foundation for becoming an amazing attacker. If you’re already a town hall 9 or 10, that’s okay. Keep watching. You may pick up some new ideas to help you improve your attacks or figure out what is missing. Now a hog attack is the most guaranteed 3 star attack against maxed town hall 8s…if you know and have a plan to clear or avoid those giant bombs. You can figure out a base on the first attack and three star it, but I find hogs to be most deadly as a cleanup attack against maxed town hall 8s.

The reason for this is no matter how well you scout, how much it makes sense for those giant bombs to be here or there, you will find these town hall 8s who take bases from various places online without knowing why they are placing anything anywhere. And what is the easiest way to change up a base that has been copied thousands of times? That’s right, move the traps. Be aware of that. On an untested base there is a chance you are going to find bombs in places that no one would expect them. In places that make absolutely no sense. But if you know that, then you are prepared for it. That means you will be sending out sacrificial scouts to clear the path.

Now any town hall 8 can be three starred with dragons, but after one dragon attack, if that base is going to be a tough nut to crack,this is when you want to have some town hall 8 hoggers as part of your clan. Don’t throwdragon attack after dragon attack at the same base. Once you know where the teslas are,you should have a very good idea where the giant bombs are.

Hogs take some time to get to level 4, but they’re really not that bad now that town hall 8s have two dark drills,which means everyone you are farming has more dark as well. Plus your dark drill at town hall 7 means you should be coming into town hall 8 with level 2 hogs. Yes you can do this attack with level 3 hogs, but as a rule of thumb, if you are facing maxed bases with a good layout, you need max troops of that same town hall level in order to three star it. It’s called balance, and this game does a pretty great job of keeping the defensive and offensive scales in line. So if you have partially maxed troops, you can take on partially maxed bases for your level. Yes level 3 hogs can take down a maxed town hall 8, but you just have to be that much more effective with them and very careful with them around the giant bombs.

My basic setup is 10 wizards, 10 archers, whatever troops I need to pull the clan castle with and troops to clear any of the double bomb spots with, and then I fill the rest of the space available with level 4 hogs. I then take 3 heal spells. I also bring 5 level 5 hogs in the clan castle. You can put level 4 hogs in your clan castle if your clan doesn’t have level 5s, but if they don’t have level 4s, then I would take 5 less wizards and take level 5 wizards in my clan castle. You can even put a level 3 dragon in the clan castle. It’s just going to be used to help take care of the clan castle troops that you pull and then do clean up.

Your first clan castle choice should be to take level 5 hogs. The basics of a hog attack are clear the clan castle and kill everything inside. Don’t send your hogs into a base until you are absolutely sure that you have pulled everything out of the clan castle. It’s worth sending one more troop in to pull to make sure. Leaving just one wizard in that clan castle is just as good as handing your device over to your two year old sister and telling her to play with your dark elixir. Your attack is over and your expensive army is gone. Yes you need to clear the clan castle, but don’t spend a bunch of time dealing with it. You’ve gotta be fast and effective here. Your slowness is what is going to get you that 99% 1 star, because the last building your hogs are going to take down is the town hall. Make sure to give them enough time to do so. If you can,pull the clan castle and trigger giant bombs at the same time.

While you’re pulling the clan castle, this is a great time to do double duty and trigger those giant bombs that you know where they are. Once the clan castle is out, pull them over to a corner, and get them nicely bunched up. You can do this by working the troops back and forth, dropping one archer at a time from side to side, until all the wizards or witch is able to catch up. Once you have everything together, spread out some archers and wizards and take them out. If they are nicely bunched you can drop 2 archers, spaced out, and then drop a couple of wizards behind to toast them all at once. Again just basics here. You guys should know how to deal with a clan castle. If a dragon pops out, you want to spread your archers out with a couple of wizards and bada bing bada boom. Now if you can, it works out really great if you can start your attack from the same area that you just took out the clan castle, and it works even better if their barbarian king is in this area too.

I like to drop my barbarian king ahead of the wizards, maybe drop a few more wizards with him, and then go ahead and start the hogs all from that same spot. The hogs head in and takeout the defenses and the barbarian king and the wizards do clean up, and hopefully takeout a shallow enemy king too. If you don’t know where the giant bombs are, but you know they must be somewhere on the outside, be sure to send in just one hog to test the path first. I like to spread my hogs out a bit on the deployment, maybe using 4 fingers or more. They’re going to bunch back up anyway, but I like to get a good start at taking down multiple buildings at once. This might help me lose fewer hogs to spring traps and it also helps me launch them much faster. If you’re sending them in with a one finger spam, they just all head in together in a single file stream.

Anyway, do it how you feel comfortable, and then send in your clan castle hogs right behind them. Now for the heals. Be patient. Be accurate. And be mindful of those giant bombs . Do not take your eyes off of your hogs until you have placed all 3 of your heals. You may have the urge to start placing archers and wizards to clear the corners, and your hogs are going to know it, they’re they going to go find themselves a giant bomb and snuggle up next to a wizard tower and you will come back and wonder where they went. Protect your hogs. Now when it comes to healing, there are some things to take into consideration. If there is a double bomb spot, you should have cleared that, at least one of those bombs, and I will get into that later. So if you have giant bombs that you have not cleared, you need to have your hogs already pre healed before they trigger it. You want your hogs at full health as they trigger it and be able to get back to full health before they leave the heal area.

The other thing to keep in mind with your heals is heal the defensive buildings, not your hogs. You want your hogs to stay in that heal zone for as long as possible. That means you heal where your hogs are going, not where they are. The more defensive buildings you are able to encompass with your heal radius, the greater chance you have that your hogs will stay healed for the entire duration of the spell. Plan things out ahead of time. Remember hogs are going to continue to jump to the nearest defensive building.

You can predict where they’re going to go next, but you can also just keep an eye on them and drop it on those defensive buildings as you start to see the hogs heading that way. Your heals should end up being spaced equally around the base, giving your hogs the greatest chance to survive until all the defensive buildings are down. What will likely happen is your hogs will split off from each other where they enter, with one group going one way and the second group going in the opposite direction. You will use one heal on each group and then use your final heal towards the end as those two groups of hogs come back together again. It is going to take some practice, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

The skeleton traps and the enemy barbarian king can be a huge nuisance. If you are unable to takeout the barbarian king, you want to be sure that you have plenty of hogs that have a lot of health at the end to take him down. Otherwise he is just going to sit there and one hit them. I’ve seen the strategy to start your attack heading at the king and i have also seen it to start on the opposite side far away from the king. Either way, the king is going to end up there with your hogs and smacking them after they take down the last defensive building. It’s not as big of a deal when the king is chasing them around the base as they jump from defense to defense, because they out run him. When it becomes deadly is when they have slowed down and are doing clean up, and they don’t turn onto the king until they finish taking down the building they are working on. This is why having all those extra wizards and archers for cleanup can really help.

Once your third heal is down,it’s now time to get your remaining archers and wizards in for clean up. Be sure to space them out, so if one triggers a trap, you don’t lose all of them. Also don’t put them in range of defensive buildings that are still up. Now let’s get back to those double giant bombs. These are truly the only thing that can stop your hog attack from three stars. You need to know where they are and you need to set off at least one of them. Now if you are attacking a base as a clean up attack, you should have a very good idea where they are. Even if all you are able to see is the teslas, that should be enough information to narrow down those 2×4 spots so you will know where that show stopper is waiting for you. You need to have a plan to take it out, at least one of the bombs.

Maybe you need to use some loons to clear a path to it, or maybe you need to send it 5 of your level 4 hogs to take out the front defense that will then send them across the double giant bombs on the way to their next target. There are so many ways you can wipe it out, depending on where it is located. Just make sure you do so you don’t lose a huge chunk or all of your hogs. If that 2×4 space is sticking out or lined up equal with a defense, you can send in just one hog to take it out. However if the start of the bombs are set back one square deeper than the defense, you are going to have to take out that defense before your hogs can get close enough to the bombs to trigger it.

If the defenses surrounding the double giant bomb are not in range of air defenses, you can send a couple of balloons against them to take those defenses out so all you have to do is send one hog in to trigger it. This works really well to clear out those defenses that target ground only. Using a few balloons to take care of these outside defenses is a great tactic to practice and one you really need to have in your back pocket at town hall 9 as one possible way to take your attacks to three stars.

Alright guys that’s the basic tools you need to three star with Hog Riders at town hall 8. The approaches on how to do this are going to be unique to each base, but by watching this tutorial you really should have a good handle on the best way to completely annihilate the base you’re attacking. If you have any questions or other hacks, be sure to leave a comment below. If you’ve found this coc hack helpful, check out my other tutorials and subscribe here so you can get updates when a new hacks comes out. And if you think this video can help your clan win more clan wars, but sure to share it with them.  Thanks again for and I’ll catch you next time.

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